Published Wednesday September 19, 2012

The Latest on Colonial Archives in North America

Representatives of institutions participating in the project "Colonial Archives in North America" convened at the Grande Bibliothèque on September 17. This project, created at the initiative of BAnQ and Harvard University, who will facilitate the enterprise, intends to pool the archive collections of major east coast institutions through digitization. The representatives have reviewed the guidelines defining the objectives and means of the project, as well as various technological models that will make it possible to meet the proposed objectives.

Photo de groupe des représentants


First row: Susan Glover (Boston Public Library), Brenda Lawson (Massachusetts Historical Society) and Megan Sniffin-Marinoff (Harvard University)

Second row: Normand Charbonneau (BAnQ), Thomas Lannon (New York Public Library), Benoit Ferland (BAnQ), Edwin Schroeder (Yale University), Jean-François Gauvin (BAnQ), Guy Berthiaume (BAnQ) et Robert Darnton (Harvard University)

Photo: Michel Legendre

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