Published Monday December 18, 2017

les herbes rouges literary magazine now digitized

Readers, and researchers interested in Québec’s publishing history, will be thrilled to learn that over 200 issues of the literary magazine les herbes rouges have recently been added to BAnQ's digital collection. All 202 issues can now be viewed in their entirety in the institution’s online search tool, BAnQ numérique. Printed from 1968 until 1993, the magazine published the works of Jacques Ferron, Nicole Brossard, Gaston Miron, Huguette Gaulin, Paul Chamberland and many other well-known Québec poets and writers.

Mise en valeur de trois numéros de la revue « les herbes rouges ».

Photo: Arianne Parent-Touchette, BAnQ.

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