Published Thursday March 1, 2018

Montréal From the River in 1860

BAnQ recently digitized and put online a panoramic view of the city of Montréal, seen from the river, originally published in 1860 in the Montreal Herald daily.

Panoramic representations of cities were popular in the mid-nineteenth century. The 1860 view is worth comparing with this other panoramic view of Montréal, published 13 years earlier in 1847. In addition to port activity, the 1860 view shows, from left to right, the northern part of the recently inaugurated Victoria Bridge, Notre-Dame Basilica and Bonsecours market, residences of Montréal worthies, and the Molson family buildings.

Detail, illustration: boats on the water, against a backdrop of buildings and houses.

Detail from the illustration Montreal Herald: Panoramic View of the City of Montreal.
BAnQ collections.

The Montreal Herald was a major daily that began publication in 1811. Today, it is highly valued by both North American and British researchers interested in nineteenth-century history. BAnQ’s rare and precious original collection of this newspaper is fairly complete from 1850. The collection is currently being restored for digitization purposes. Already, the full text of close to 3,500 issues of the newspaper, up to the end of 1863, can be searched through BAnQ numérique.

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