Published Monday January 28, 2019

BAnQ Hosts the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada

Friday, January 25, Mr. Jean-Louis Roy, BAnQ Chief Executive Officer, had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Souriya Otmani, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada. They engaged in cordial discussions about BAnQ's missions and its teams' outstanding expertise. Madam Ambassador took the opportunity of this visit to stop by the Collection nationale and look at the Grande Bibliothèque's collection of works in Arabic.

L'ambassadrice du Royaume du Maroc au Canada a visité la Grande Bibliothèque le vendredi 25 janvier.

From left: Mr. David Desrosiers, Head of the CEO Office, BAnQ; Ms. Anne Milot, Secretary General and Director, Legal Affairs and Marketing, BAnQ; Ms. Souriya Otmani, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada; Mr. Jean-Louis Roy, CEO, BAnQ; Ms. Danielle Chagnon, Director General of the Grande Bibliothèque; Ms. Mylène Béliveau Toussaint, Special Advisor – Partnerships, Office of the CEO, BAnQ. Photo: Michel Legendre.

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