Published Wednesday October 4, 2017

Québec Films Screened for Newcomers

Group of people sitting in front of two men standing before a white screen.

Dominique Dugas, Executive Director, Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, and Sylvain Guy, screenwriter. Photo: Vivien Gaumand.

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) and Québec Cinéma are pleased to announce the joint presentation of six Québec films for newcomers, to be screened at the Grande Bibliothèque. Both BAnQ and Québec Cinéma are firm believers in the ability of films to help newcomers integrate into their host society. Québec cinema provides insight into our local culture by enabling newcomers to learn about important figures or pivotal moments throughout Québec’s history.

The series kicked off on September 29 with a screening of Daniel Roby’s Louis Cyr : L’homme le plus fort du monde. The screening was for participants from more than a dozen countries who are enrolled in the library’s francization program. They were delighted with the film itself and subsequent stimulating discussion with scriptwriter Sylvain Guy.

Still to come are five other films that have been chosen for their historic interest: namely, La Passion d’Augustine by Léa Pool, Mon oncle Antoine by Claude Jutra, Ce qu’il faut pour vivre by Benoît Pilon, Maurice Richard by Charles Binamé and Les Ordres by Michel Brault. (in French)

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