Published Tuesday October 9, 2012

The Vogue Archive, a Must for Fashion Lovers

Two fashion photos taken from Vogue magazine

The Vogue Archive, a Must for Fashion Lovers

Fashion lovers, take note: The Vogue Archive is now available on BAnQ’s web portal, in the Journals, magazines, newspapers and databases section.

All of the issues, from 1892 to the present, of the American edition of Vogue magazine have been digitized in colour and high resolution. You can make very precise searches on topics such as fashion articles, companies or brands, the magazine's contributors or photographers, the subjects photographed as well as materials, trends, colours and prints.

More than 400,000 pages have been reproduced in their entirety, including advertisements, magazine covers and inserts.

This is a priceless resource for BAnQ users who are interested in fashion, women's studies, visual arts, history and even cultural studies.

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