Published Tuesday October 24, 2017

Book Launch: Bibliothèques québécoises remarquables

On October 23, the Grande Bibliothèque hosted the launch of a collective work titled Bibliothèques québécoises remarquables. Over a hundred guests joined BAnQ staff, Del Busso Éditeur collaborators and author Claude Corbo to celebrate the publication of this remarkable book, which brings to light the exceptional character of more than 25 Québec libraries.

Assembled and published under Mr. Corbo’s direction in collaboration with Sophie Montreuil and Isabelle Crevier, the book draws a portrait of libraries that stand out because of their history, distinctive mission, unique collections, exclusive treasures, ties to a specific community or innovative characteristics.

Several texts refer to institutions or services that come under the authority of BAnQ such as the Grande Bibliothèque, the Service québécois du livre adapté’s Braille and audio library and the Saint-Sulpice library.

Book cover Bibliothèque québécoises remarquables.

Photo: Jean Corbeil

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