Published Tuesday May 16, 2017

Art reinvents heritage materials to overcome violence in joint project from BAnQ and LOVE – Leave Out Violence

A new exhibition, Mon histoire de LOVE – Archives remixées par des jeunes, is presented by Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) and LOVE – Leave Out Violence. The vernissage of the exhibition took place on Monday, May 15, in the atrium of BAnQ Vieux-Montréal.

During the winter of 2017, five teenagers from LOVE participated in a series of workshops with BAnQ archivists and librarians. Inspired by Québec’s heritage materials, they created works embodying messages that are significant to them and the community. This participatory project also introduced LOVE members to the process of creating a BAnQ exhibition.

“This fruitful partnership with LOVE reflects BAnQ’s commitment to increasing its social outreach initiatives,” said Geneviève Pichet, BAnQ’s Secretary General and acting Chief Executive Officer. “The idea that the wealth of our collections and the knowledge of our specialists can support creation and social cohesion is very exciting, and will certainly lead to more projects in the same spirit.” 

Groupe de personnes de

De gauche à droite : Neil Uditsky, directeur, Projet LOVE; Vera Fares, coordonnatrice principale des programmes, Projet LOVE, Seajay, participante; Maude Lavallée-Millaire, participante; Justin Briand, participant; Marianne Therrien, participante; Maïka Paquette, participante; Margaux Bennardi, coordonnatrice principale des programmes, Projet LOVE; Marie-Pierre Gadoua, chargée de projets en médiation culturelle, BAnQ, et Jean-Luc Murray, directeur de l’éducation et de la programmation, BAnQ. Photo : Michel Legendre.

The exhibition displays the five young artists’ original works as well as the heritage documents that inspired them. These include photographs from the Conrad Poirier and Armour Landry fonds, post cards, periodicals, a map, and a poem by Émile Nelligan.

Mon histoire de LOVE – Archives remixées par des jeunes runs until August 20, 2017, at BAnQ Vieux-Montréal.

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