Published Friday December 1, 2017

Take a Break: The Grande Bibliothèque is Good for Your Well-Being

Silhouettes of two persons sitting on a bench in a park. Message: ''La pause mieux-être. On vous écoute. Vraiment. Anonyme, confidentiel et gratuit.''

Photo: Philippe Doucet

Are you dealing with major life changes or coping with a separation? Experiencing stress? Fighting illness or feeling lonely? Every Tuesday starting December 5, volunteers from the Le Havre listening centre offer a sympathetic and non-judgmental ear to BAnQ patrons. Come and confide in them on Level 4 of the Grande Bibliothèque and leave with suggestions of books, films or music prepared by the Grande Bibliothèque’s librarians.

Being listened to and receiving well-being tips: now that’s good for you!

Anonymous, confidential and free

Level 4 of the Grande Bibliothèque,
at the top of the stairs

Every Wednesday, from 1 pm to 4 pm  
December 5, 2017 to July 10, 2018

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