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Published Monday January 13, 2020

BAnQ's Web Portal Gets a Home Page Makeover

BAnQ's home page debuted its revamped header and footer sections on January 13. The changes, which aim to improve online experience, took into account recently collected user survey comments.

Bedecked in new colours, the header section bears an updated BAnQ logo. The Grande Bibliothèque's hours and contact info are more conveniently located, as are those of the National Library and the National Archives.

The Search window is easily identifiable and its targeted categories yield more relevant results.

The new main menu has been streamlined. It includes a Finds category featuring a wide variety of content: e-books suggestions, a list of literary prizes, tips on how to spot fake news, and much, much more.

Spread out over two panels, the footer section remains as practical as ever. The Quick links column in the top panel provides information on joining BAnQ, document reproduction, a site map, etc. The bottom panel consists of categories that were, until recently, header topics. They are intended for educators and teachers, professionals and publishers.  

These home page improvements are just some of the first measures rolled out to implement the Web portal overhaul, a major undertaking stemming from BAnQ's digital transformation plan.