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Published Monday November 12, 2012

Recent Additions to the Digital Collection of Maps and Plans

Ever popular among aficionados of geographical maps, the digital collection of maps and plans is expanding and adding new materials. It now provides access to over 11,800 cartographic images of Québec.

Among the recently added items, you will find several oversized maps that are particularly difficult to handle and whose digitizing presented major challenges. For instance, there is a map showing the railways of Canada in 1891 that measures up to 221 cm in length and a map of North America by Edward Stanford that measures 171 cm by 153 cm.

Researchers will be somewhat surprised to find an intriguing Map of "Cabotia", an 1814 geographical creation by John Purdy referring to Canadian territory. There are also a few maps on cadastral divisions of various Québec regions in the early 20th century, such as seigneurie du lac « Metapediac » (lake Matapédia), comté de Chicoutimi, îles de Sorel, Matavaisie » (Matawinie), and many more.

At a time when the development of Northern Québec is a current issue, researchers will certainly be interested in the 1929 map showing the road to Chibougamau or in another illustrating logging delimitation on the banks of the Outaouais River.

The viewing interface provides many search possibilities while the image display feature uses viewing technology adapted to oversized materials for user-friendly search capabilities that allow each and everyone to familiarize themselves with the history of their village, city or country.

Carte du Québec de 1924

Northland Studios, The Province of Quebec, Canada : a bird’s eye view showing natural ressources, mines, water-power plants, settled districts as well as the principal towns, highways and railway lines, map, Québec Streams Commission, 1924.

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